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Dual Delight


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Why choose one, when you can have both? The Dual Delight mattress topper, has memory foam on one side and latex on the other. A mattress topper is a few-inch thick mattress which can be used on top of the existing mattress to make it even more comfortable and also increase its height.

You can use this dual delight topper both side, some days when you need a very soft, cozy mattress to sleep on, use the memory foam and on other days when you need just soft and a cool mattress use the latex side. Covered with Aloe Vera fabric this healthy dual delight topper will lighten up your mood any day!

  • • Made of soft latex on one side and super soft memory foam on the other.
  • • Long lasting and provides good body support.
  • • Self-ventilating property of latex keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • • Memory foam takes the shape of your body and hence gives comfort to each and every corner of your body.
  • • Covered with premium fabric that contains aloevera properties, ensures comfortable and healthy sleep.
  • • Anti-dust mite and breathable.


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