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Three Fold


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The Three Fold benefits of the Folding Bed! Easy to Fold, Easy to Store and Easy to Sleep on!

This folding bed, one of our bestsellers,will make for a comfortable bed just about anywhere. It can be easily folded and transformed into a compact suitcase-like form with a handle, and thereby be easily stored and carried around. If you don’t have those fancy guest rooms, don’t fret! Your guest will be amused at this fold-able bed and will not complain after sleeping on this mattress. You can even carry it with you to those slumber parties at your friend’s place!

  • • Medium Soft.
  • • Available in size of 75”x36”x3” (single mattress).
  • • As comfortable as any normal mattress.
  • • Covered in attractive and dark-coloured jacquard fabric.
  • • It’s suitcase-like structure when folded makes it easy to carry and store anywhere.
  • • Ideal for extra sleeping bed on floor not recommended for use on top of a bed/cot.


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