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Our SpinaCare Mattress provides optimum Spine Support to those people
who suffer from Acute Spine/Back Pain throughout the night.




Made out of bonded polyurethane foam that provides optimal support to your Spine during eight hours of Sleep and topped with high resilient foam to provide comfort to all your pressure points. And gives a rich sleeping experience on the soft and comfortable knitted mattress cover.

Whom do we advise this Mattress for?

This Mattress is particularly for people who are suffering from acute back pain
or have undergone spinal surgery or battling with any such back-related severe pain.
The combination of this mattress ensures that your spine receives rest in a
straight position which is very important for relieving its pain.

How does it affect your sleep and health?



The unique composition of foam used in our mattresses provides long lasting excellent body support & is ergonomic and hence gives extra comfort. Enables more breathability due to improved Airflow and increases durability, which in turn improves the quality of sleep.




It is highly significant to rest and have a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate yourself and get rid of all the stress and tiredness. But what is equally important is to have a healthy mattress to Sleep on.
The Foam and Fabric used in our mattress ensure that there is no breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi. They are especially treated with anti dust mite finish for the same. Hence you can sleep with confidence on your SpinaCare Mattress


Worried that this mattress might not right for you? Well you can personalize your
mattress! Based on your height, weight, age and comfort factors provide by
you, we will suggest the best mattress that would be most suitable for you!

We take our mattresses and guarantees very seriously

If any time in the next 60 days of purchasing the mattress you think it was not
what you had expected and you think your investment was a mistake, we will
refund your money or exchange your mattress


However, If you are not serious about your health and don’t know what kind of mattress you want and you just want to try a mattress thinking you can return it, we respectfully suggest that you not purchase this product without speaking to our mattress expert!

The guarantee is to protect you just in case you are worried about how the mattress would be? We put a lot of passionate efforts in making of our mattresses with a sincere hope of providing you a convenient, comfortable and hassle free experience of shopping with us.

Our entire product range are crafted with finest of materials and fabric and are ensured of supreme quality to provide you befitting luxury. It is our earnest drive to transform your bed into a dreamy and comfortable haven of sleep, a place to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work



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