Your New Mattress – Give It Some Breathing Time

New MattressesIt’s good to get a new mattress. You must have done a lot of research, enquired many sources, looked for options and then finally settled for the one you thought the best for you and it is now delivered. You have had enough of the old one; so you keep it aside or dispose of it and are excited to use the new one. All you want is that it should give you the comfort you expected from it. Like many other things you buy like your new shoes or your new car, you need to give them some time to get going before they start giving you the expected performance.

Give It Some Time To Settle
The first and foremost thing you should understand is that your newly bought mattress is not going to do the miracles for you from the very first night. The first few days’ usage may not be very pleasant and leave you sore. You may feel like sleeping on a firmer uncomfortable surface. This is because you were accustomed to your old softened mattress. The new one needs some time to settle to respond to your body requirements. It’s normal, so you should have the patience for a few days, may be a fortnight or so before it starts giving what you expect.

You will find some indentations or depressions in the mattress in the initial days. This is not a manufacturing defect. You have just started to put the pressure of your body on it and its padding begins to form shapes. These are the projected zones of your body that have put more pressure on the mattress causing these depressions. It’s good; the mattress is responding to your body contours. You keep on sleeping on it and the depressions will slowly fade away. The mattress adjusts to your body and gives you the maximum support and comfort.

New Bed Smell
When your mattress is new, you get a new bed smell. This is because of the freshness of the material used in making it. Usually, the mattress is packed immediately after it is made; so the plastic wrappers trap the smell and when you open it before placing on the bed, you get the new smell. There is no need to worry and this smell will dissipate away very soon.

Higher Bed
You may feel your bed a bit higher when your mattress is new. This is a little thicker and that is why you feel the difference in height. With the passage of time, it will even out with your body weight.

In order to get your new mattress getting used to you quickly, you need to do a few things. You should use it daily though initial few nights may not be very comfortable and keep you tossing and turning. Another thing you should do is to rotate it regularly so that it comforts you on all sides. This will also enhance its life. Have a little patience with the new mattress and it will give you the peace of mind you wanted.

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