Nothing can be more satisfying than using something specially made for you. It’s a special feeling that gives you immense happiness. You can just check how many of your belongings you have customized and how much you enjoyed and felt pampered using them. When you can customize so many other things, then why not your mattress?

Your mattress stays with you almost one third of your life considering average 8 hour sleep daily. It rejuvenates you for the whole next day. You might have yourself experienced sometimes how difficult the day was if you could not get a good night sleep the preceding night. Therefore it is imperative that mattress, the most important item on your bed must take care of you when you are asleep.

How do you get the best mattress for yourself? How do you personalize your mattress? You must remember, a mattress that is good for your friend may not be good for you or vice versa. You are different, so you deserve a mattress specially made for you. Good news is that it is possible!!

​How To Choose Your Personalised Mattress?

You must have a mattress befitting you bed. The first thing you should look for is you sleeping habit. How you sleep i.e. on your back, on your stomach or on your sides; this will determine the relative hardness or softness requirement of the mattress.

Your body weight and contours also play an important role. They call it IDL or Indentation Load deflection which gives you the feel of the mattress; how firm or soft it feels when you lie down on it. If you want a soft bed to sink your body in it for extra comfort, you can get it with a hard base to support your body weight.

Your personalised mattress should take care to efficiently support the “S” curve of your body or the spinal alignment during sleep; else you keep tossing and turning on the bed whole night. This is very important for a quality sleep.

You must see that your mattress is able to ‘breathe’ properly. It should have enough space in between the layers for free passage of air. Sufficient airflow is required to regulate the temperature of the mattress and consequently your body. You should not be sweating during sleep.

Quality of material of the mattress and its workmanship play a key role in the compatibility of the mattress to your specific needs and its long life. There are different qualities of foam, latex, cotton, fibre etc they use in mattress. You must enquire and ensure that your get the right proportion of materials in your mattress.

Your good night sleep will not be pricking on your pocket. You should know that you do not have to spend a lot; it will take some of your time and effort but the final cost may give you a pleasant surprise. Considering the direct benefits you get from a personalised mattress, you will be happy that you didn’t go for a readymade branded one.