Why Is Sleep Important To Your Health?

Have you ever spent a night without sleeping? If yes, you know what it feels in case you fail to get proper sleep. For physical as well as mental health, sleep is as important as consuming food. Getting full sleep is indispensable. And, for this, one needs to have a proper space, bed, cloth, and mattress. Without it, getting a good sleep is almost impossible. Can you think of sleeping on a hard and rugged surface amidst the ear-tearing cacophony? Everyone desires to have a soft surface surrounded with serenity and tranquility to get a sound sleep. The people devoid of required sleep not only lose the physical and mental balance, but simultaneously, they become spiritually exhausted. Here are some salient benefits of sleep that are unattainable any other things:

Proper Functioning Of Brain And Emotional Well Being
Sleep facilitates the proper brain functioning of brain. The brain remains active and keeps preparing for the forthcoming periods while you are asleep. It also gets enough rest if you get sound sleep and the level of alertness improves. The sleep deficiency leads to slow learning, difficulty in solving problems, inability to act in complex and conflicting situations, feeling of sadness, difficulty in controlling the emotions, and trouble in decision making etc. If you get sufficient sleep, you can deal with such issues in a better and more effective manner as the brain functions as it should and the emotional well being remains in its peak.

Perfect Physical Health
Sleep is related to the healing and repairing of blood vessels in the heart. The sleep deficiency, on the other hand, directly affects the risk of cardiac issues. The lack of required sleep affects the functioning of kidneys in an adverse manner. The hormones in the body also go out of control due to insufficient sleep. The people not having enough sleep tend to become obese.

In many people, it is seen that the sleep deficiency causes indigestion. The immune system gets weakened and muscles also lose the strength and build.

Truly speaking, for maintaining holistic physical and emotional health, getting adequate sleep is indispensable. So, it is of utmost significance to use the best suitable and comfortable mattress laid amidst the peaceful surroundings or in a space that is free from the things that create disturbance in getting perfect and complete sleep.

Tips To Customize The Mattress For Sound Sleep

If you have never customized a mattress, you may find it a bit tough. However, it is not a herculean task. Following the tips below, you can successfully customize a perfect mattress:

What Size Do You Need?
As per your requirement, you can customize the dimensions of the mattress. Depending upon your height and weight, you can determine the size.

What Type Of Mattress Do You Want?
The mattresses are made of different materials such as latex, memory and foam mattresses etc. As per your choice and requirement, you can select the mattresses made of particular materials. Moreover, you can consult the mattress experts in case of confusion while selecting the mattress material.

Do You Want Soft, Medium, Or Firm Mattress?
Some people love to sleep on firm mattresses whereas others prefer the medium firm or soft mattresses. What you like and what renders more comfort and luxury to your body is your personal choice and you can customize the mattress accordingly.

What Is Your Budget?
Budget plays an important role customizing the budget and you should fix a budget. You may not want to spend extravagantly, but it should not be too small that the mattress fails to provide you the required comfort and luxury.

Do Some Research On The Mattress Experts?
There may be several companies providing the customized mattress. However, not all may really render you the desired services in a satisfactory manner. So, zeroing on to any particular mattress expert, it is advisable to know the reputation, past performances, and records.
It may consume some time, money, and energy in customizing the perfect mattress, but it will surely repay you by facilitating good sleep promoting holistic physical and emotional health.


What Is Important To YOU When Buying A New Mattress?

What type of mattress should you buy? Well, the fascinating mattress at your friend’s house may have impressed you greatly and you wish to buy the same. Many of the people follow others’ footstep in buying mattresses. There is nothing wrong in learning from others, but one should not forget that buying a mattress is very much personal like buying dresses. What suits others may not necessarily prove to be suitable to you. So, it is advisable to buy the mattress that duly fulfills your requirements. But the question that often troubles many a customers is – what are the important aspects to be considered while buying a mattress? Well, here are some significant points one needs to bear in mind while making a selection of a mattress:

Type of mattresses and their comfort levels: What type of mattress would prove to be highly comfortable? It is wise to not go by the appearance. An appealing mattress devoid of the qualities and capabilities to render the required comfort should be avoided. There are plenty of variations in the types of mattresses and it is not really an easy task to make the perfect choice.

The Hybrid mattresses are very popular for delivering great comfort, support, bounce and cooling. Latex mattresses are loved for their great responsiveness.

For body contouring, pressure relief, and support, the memory foam mattresses are considered to be top choice.
Made with the combination of different materials, the mattresses render a different level of comfort and luxury of sleeping, and you should choose the one that can suitably fulfill your desire and requirements.

The definition of firmness is very much subjective. What you consider as soft, medium, or firm is up to you to decide. However, firmness with respect to mattress simply means the degree of support it provides to keep your spine in proper alignment without creating any pressure point. The mattress with inadequate support would fail to facilitate a good sleep and you will wake up sore.

Some people like soft or very soft mattresses whereas others may like medium or very firm mattresses. What you like is very much your personal choice and your friend cannot really choose one for you.

If you lie on your sides while sleeping, the soft mattress or the mattress with medium level firmness would prove to be ideal. The soft mattress with right support can relieve pressure points on your back and neck.
If you are a back sleeper, you would require a firm mattress. A soft mattress will create pressure points. Likewise, if you are a stomach sleeper, you will require a mattress that would provide equal support across your body.

It may appear to be a bit confusing if you have never bought a mattress, but you can surely buy the right one if you keep a few things in mind.

Buying mattress is not a day to day affair. You buy mattress with an expectation of few years’ durability. So, it is wise to set at least a moderate budget if not high. A budget too small may make you end up buying the low quality mattress with less durability.

Customizing The Mattress
Have you ever customized the mattress? Well, there are several companies that provide the freedom and facility to customize your own mattress. The dimension of the mattress, its support and comfort layer, and the fabric and final look – you can customize everything.

It is not that the readymade pieces are not available, but that customizing the mattress enables you to ensure that you get the best mattress that renders you the required comfort and luxury as per your choice. Also, if you have back pain or other issues, you can consult your physician and get some useful advice before customizing the mattress.


You Can Discover Your Best Sleep Style On Your New Bed

You have got a new bed and you expect it ease you off from any discomfort you had earlier during sleep. Your mattress is definitely important; it’s your sleeping style or sleeping position that is equally important to ensure you a good night sleep.

Everyone has a preferred sleeping style. This is how naturally your body is positioned on the bed to get the maximum comfort. You should know the different styles and their attributes; so you may like to reposition yourself on the new bed for a most satisfying sleep. It is not possible to recommend the ideal sleeping position; you have to discover your best sleep style yourself.

On Your Back

Best Sleeping StyleSleeping on your back is good for your overall posture. Your head, neck, and back are aligned properly. In fact, in this style, if you sleep with your arms on the sides, it gives your body the optimal position. Your body weight is spread over the maximum surface of the mattress. This also keeps your diaphragm open for normal breathing.

However, the gravitational pull on your body is also maximum on the lower back which becomes curved. The attached muscles are stressed and after some time, you automatically turn to take a new position for relief.

A little variation gives you a starfish sleeping style. Here you sleep on your back and your hands are stretched upwards outwardly. They say it delays wrinkles on your face.

A medium firm mattress is best suited for this sleeping style.

On Your Stomach

This is perhaps the most popular sleeping style. However, this does not support the natural “S” curvature of your spine. In this style, your body is not sunken in the mattress but actually, it lies floating on it. As the lower back does not get support, you may have back pain and also a neck crick because your head remains twisted for a long time. Your diaphragm is also under constant pressure and restricts breathing.

Swimmer’s position is a little variation this style where one of your legs is drawn upwards. This relieves the pressure on your diaphragm and also reduces twist on your neck.

A comparatively firm mattress gives you the most comfortable sleep in this style.

On The Sides

When you sleep on your sides, your spine is in its natural curve and your hands are down. There is minimum stress on your body, however, there is no spine support and the total burden is taken on your shoulders, arms, and hips which are under constant pressure. Because of reduction in blood flow in these areas, you may get burning sensations in those body parts in the morning.

You will need a softer mattress to feel comfortable in this sleeping style.

Whichever position you sleep in, you are bound to change it sub-consciously according to your body comforts. Your body is trained in itself to sleep in a particular position. However, in case you have had uncomfortable sleep, you can discover on your new bed your best sleep style now.


Can There Be A Lunar Effect On Your Sleep?

Lunar EffectA change in our sleep in itself has a large impact on our day- to-day working life and also on our mental and physical health. You know the various reasons that affect our sleep like your bed, the room environment, your stress level etc. You may, however, not be knowing one particular thing which can disrupt your sleep on its own and you do not have any control on it. The moon cycle, latest research says, can be your culprit.

Since ages moon is believed to be affecting human behavior in various ways. They call it the lunar effect. In recent years, the complex relationship of the moon phase with your sleep has been a major subject for research. After a lot of work, scientists have found evidence that there is surely a connection between your sleep and the lunar cycle.

Man And The Moon
It does not make any difference even if you sleep in a completely dark room fully curtained and without a window to allow practically no light even in a full moon night. The experiments were conducted in the year 2000 on a large no of people in various age groups and on both males and females. Their brain activities were also closely monitored by EEG.

The aim of doing this large scale experiment was to find out and establish if at all there is a relationship between the moon phase and sleep patterns of human beings. Interestingly none of the subjects or even the investigators were told about finding a relationship between the lunar cycle and human sleep aspects. So the experiments were fully subjective and unbiased. A large amount of data was tabled to draw conclusions.

An intriguing sleep pattern was observed during 3-4 days around a full moon i.e. before, during and just after the full moon. During this period people were found to take a bit longer time to get into sleep and also woke up little early than their usual time. They also complained about shallow sleep and didn’t feel fresh in the morning. Their melatonin level was found to be almost 30% on the lower side.

This melatonin is a sleep related hormone secreted by tiny pineal body situated in our brain. It governs your internal clock and plays an important role in your sleep habits. In children, it is supposed to be on a higher level than an adult and as you grow old, its level decreases.

Finding The Reason
Scientists have, however, not been able to establish how this actually works. Is it the moonlight or is it the gravitational pull affecting sleep? Moonlight does not seem to be the right answer as the experiments were conducted in dark rooms completely eliminating the moonlight. They are also not sure about the gravitation pull as it can have only negligible impact on the human brain. It is for the science yet to establish it.

So in case you are not able to sleep properly, you can just look outside your window to find if the moon is full or near full to bring forth the lunar effect. You cannot blame your bed or your room or your mood all the time.


Your New Mattress – Give It Some Breathing Time

New MattressesIt’s good to get a new mattress. You must have done a lot of research, enquired many sources, looked for options and then finally settled for the one you thought the best for you and it is now delivered. You have had enough of the old one; so you keep it aside or dispose of it and are excited to use the new one. All you want is that it should give you the comfort you expected from it. Like many other things you buy like your new shoes or your new car, you need to give them some time to get going before they start giving you the expected performance.

Give It Some Time To Settle
The first and foremost thing you should understand is that your newly bought mattress is not going to do the miracles for you from the very first night. The first few days’ usage may not be very pleasant and leave you sore. You may feel like sleeping on a firmer uncomfortable surface. This is because you were accustomed to your old softened mattress. The new one needs some time to settle to respond to your body requirements. It’s normal, so you should have the patience for a few days, may be a fortnight or so before it starts giving what you expect.

You will find some indentations or depressions in the mattress in the initial days. This is not a manufacturing defect. You have just started to put the pressure of your body on it and its padding begins to form shapes. These are the projected zones of your body that have put more pressure on the mattress causing these depressions. It’s good; the mattress is responding to your body contours. You keep on sleeping on it and the depressions will slowly fade away. The mattress adjusts to your body and gives you the maximum support and comfort.

New Bed Smell
When your mattress is new, you get a new bed smell. This is because of the freshness of the material used in making it. Usually, the mattress is packed immediately after it is made; so the plastic wrappers trap the smell and when you open it before placing on the bed, you get the new smell. There is no need to worry and this smell will dissipate away very soon.

Higher Bed
You may feel your bed a bit higher when your mattress is new. This is a little thicker and that is why you feel the difference in height. With the passage of time, it will even out with your body weight.

In order to get your new mattress getting used to you quickly, you need to do a few things. You should use it daily though initial few nights may not be very comfortable and keep you tossing and turning. Another thing you should do is to rotate it regularly so that it comforts you on all sides. This will also enhance its life. Have a little patience with the new mattress and it will give you the peace of mind you wanted.


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