What type of mattress should you buy? Well, the fascinating king-size mattress at your friend’s house may have impressed you greatly and you wish to buy the same mattress. Many of the people follow others’ footstep in buying mattresses. There is nothing wrong in learning from others, but one should not forget that buying your own mattress is very much personal like buying dresses. What suits others may not necessarily prove to be suitable to you. So, it is advisable to buy a good mattress that duly fulfills your requirements. But the question that often troubles many a customers is – what are the important aspects to be considered while buying a mattress? Well, here are some significant points one needs to bear in mind while making a selection of a new mattress:

​Type of mattresses and their comfort levels:

What type of mattress would prove to be highly comfortable? It is wise to not go by the appearance. Avoid mattresses that look great but lack the functionality or qualities to provide the desired level of comfort. There are plenty of variations in the types of mattresses and it is not really an easy task to make the perfect choice.

The Hybrid mattresses are multi-layer beds and are very popular for delivering great comfort, support, bounce and cooling. Latex mattresses are open celled and loved for their great responsiveness.

For body contouring, pressure relief, long durability and support, the latex memory foam mattresses are considered to be top choice. Made with the combination of different natural materials, the mattresses render a different level of comfort and luxury of sleeping, and you should choose the best foam mattress that can suitably fulfill your desire and requirements.


Firmness is probably the single most crucial aspect of a mattress, What you consider as soft, medium, or firm is up to you to decide. However, firmness with respect to mattress simply means the degree of support it provides to keep your spine in proper alignment without creating any pressure point. The mattress with inadequate support would fail to facilitate a good sleep and you will wake up sore.

Some people like soft or very soft mattresses whereas others may like medium or very firm mattresses. What mattress you like is very much personal choice and your friend cannot really choose one best firm mattress for you.

If you lie on your sides while sleeping, the soft mattress or the mattress with medium level firmness would prove to be ideal. The soft mattress with right support can relieve pressure points on your back and neck.

If you are a back sleeper, Your mattress should neither be too firm nor extremely soft. . A soft mattress will create pressure points. Likewise, if you are a stomach sleeper, A soft mattress like a spring mattress should definitely be avoided,you will require a mattress that would provide equal support across your body.

It may appear to be a bit confusing if you have never bought a mattress, but you can surely buy the right one if you keep a few things in mind.


Buying a best mattress is not a day to day affair. You buy mattress with an expectation of few years’ durability. So, it is wise to set at least a moderate budget if not high. A budget too small may make you end up buying the low quality mattress with less durability.

​Customizing The Mattress

Have you ever customized the mattress? Well, there are several companies that provide the freedom and facility to customize your own mattress. The dimension of the mattress, its support and comfort layer, and the fabric and final look – you can customize everything.

It is not that the readymade pieces are not available, but that customizing the mattress enables you to ensure that you get the best mattress that renders you the required comfort and luxury as per your choice. Also, if you have back pain or other issues, you can consult your physician and get some useful advice before customizing the mattress.