Personalize Your Mattress For A Good Night Sleep

Good Night SleepNothing can be more satisfying than using something specially made for you. It’s a special feeling that gives you immense happiness. You can just check how many of your belongings you have customized and how much you enjoyed and felt pampered using them. When you can customize so many other things, then why not your mattress?

Your mattress stays with you almost one third of your life considering average 8 hour sleep daily. It rejuvenates you for the whole next day. You might have yourself experienced sometimes how difficult the day was if you could not get a good night sleep the preceding night. Therefore it is imperative that mattress, the most important item on your bed must take care of you when you are asleep.

How do you get the best mattress for yourself? How do you personalize your mattress? You must remember, a mattress that is good for your friend may not be good for you or vice versa. You are different, so you deserve a mattress specially made for you. Good news is that it is possible!!

How To Choose Your Personalised Mattress?

• You must have a mattress befitting you bed. The first thing you should look for is you sleeping habit. How you sleep i.e. on your back, on your stomach or on your sides; this will determine the relative hardness or softness requirement of the mattress.

• Your body weight and contours also play an important role. They call it IDL or Indentation Load deflection which gives you the feel of the mattress; how firm or soft it feels when you lie down on it. If you want a soft bed to sink your body in it for extra comfort, you can get it with a hard base to support your body weight.

• Your personalised mattress should take care to efficiently support the “S” curve of your body or the spinal alignment during sleep; else you keep tossing and turning on the bed whole night. This is very important for a quality sleep.

• You must see that your mattress is able to ‘breathe’ properly. It should have enough space in between the layers for free passage of air. Sufficient airflow is required to regulate the temperature of the mattress and consequently your body. You should not be sweating during sleep.

• Quality of material of the mattress and its workmanship play a key role in the compatibility of the mattress to your specific needs and its long life. There are different qualities of foam, latex, cotton, fibre etc they use in mattress. You must enquire and ensure that your get the right proportion of materials in your mattress.

Your good night sleep will not be pricking on your pocket. You should know that you do not have to spend a lot; it will take some of your time and effort but the final cost may give you a pleasant surprise. Considering the direct benefits you get from a personalised mattress, you will be happy that you didn’t go for a readymade branded one.


Get Rid Of These Bizarre Sleep Disorders

Sleep is as important an activity for living beings as any other life-saving activity like eating, drinking, breathing, moving etc. It’s the relaxing time and gives an opportunity for the body and mind to recover and rejuvenate. In fact, sleep is the one activity that decides how active you will be the next day.

For human beings, sleep is more than that. It affects your mood and your mental alertness. Physically it determines your preparedness, your posture, and general health conditions. On an average, a normal adult needs 8 hours sleep every day. However many do not get it adequate due to some sleep disorders. To an estimate, around 12% population suffers from one such disorder or the other. Let us examine some commonly occurring ones.

Suffering from sleep disorder

Inability to fall asleep or frequently waking up in the night is called insomnia. This is one of the most common syndromes and can be chronic or acute in nature. Under chronic conditions, you are not able to sleep properly for months together. In extreme cases such as narcolepsy, you feel sleep-deprived all the time. You are not able to sleep in the night and whole day you feel drowsiness and lack enthusiasm. More than 10% people suffer from insomnia in varying degrees.

Sleep Apnoea
Sleep apnoea is a disorder wherein the breathing is interrupted or slowed down significantly during sleep. Though this happens for few seconds only at a time more often than not, this sleep apnoea is followed by loud snoring and subsequent waking up. It may be repeated many times during the night.

Sleep Walking
In sleepwalking, you just wake up and start wandering. This is a mental status when your consciousness level is extremely low but physically you are more active. Apart from walking you may also be involved in other activities like talking, cleaning, driving etc. This is dangerous and you may hurt yourself.

During sleep or just before you reach sub-consciousness sometimes you experience strange things. You may hear strange voices, see animals or strange people or feel lost. You want to shout, you want to run away. You try it with your full energy but you cannot and suddenly wake up sweating. This is sleeping hallucination coupled with sleeping paralysis.

Sleep Eating
You may be conscious enough to choose your food while awake; however, in this syndrome, you wake up in your sleep and start eating strange things which you may never do otherwise. You may indulge in high-calorie food like chocolates, butter etc or sometimes even strange things like soap.

You will find all the above and some more sleep disorders at a glance in an infographic. A lot of research has been done on sleep disorders and it is still going on. Major reasons identified are anxiety, mental stress, jet-lags, medication, drink before sleeping, health conditions and even genetics. Treatment varies from sufferer to sufferer depending on the problem and its degree. However, if you maintain some basic sleep hygiene, you will find a remarkable reduction in your sleep disorders.

Make your bedroom environment sleep worthy with no TV in bed, no noise, no sharp light there. Intake of alcohol, caffeine or nicotine must be avoided. No argument, no emotional discussion before sleep. Just try these simple tricks and very soon you will forget you had any sleeping problem.


Make Your Own Mattress With Mattress Box

customized mattressSleep is the most vital part of your day. Like the cell phone you use, your body needs to get charged every day after a long day’s work. Sleep provides your body with that charge to carry on the next day. Doctors say that, for a healthy functioning of your body, to keep your blood pressures under control, you need a deep, undisturbed sleep of about 8 hours.
To get that kind of pleasure in sleeping, the material that you lie on should be nice, comfortable and cozy. Most of the people are extremely picky when selecting a mattress; mainly because that’s the surface they will spend their time, the most. Readymade store bought mattress may come handy and easily available, but there are many who dislikes them. The general store bought mattresses may cause back pain as to make the product cheap they use low quality foam. So, what are your options now? Well, you can always make your own mattress. You can make your own mattress following proper guide and good materials. The purpose of making your own mattress is to give you the power of customization.

Knowing About Mattress Box

While making your own hand-made mattress may sound cost effective and easy, but it comes with a lot of hard work, and frankly, you don’t have the time. So you avail the best option at your disposal. You give Mattress Box a chance.
Mattress Box is a leading mattress manufacturing company in India. It provides you with the best mattress options available in the market. And what’s makes it so favorable is that it provides its services online. In today’s day and age no one has the time to visit a shop and select the mattress they wish to buy. Now everything is online and moving on with the tradition Mattress Box provides all its service online in an easy and hassle-free environment. With just a click of your mouse you can enter the vast world of mattresses, designed specifically to please you and give you a much needed peaceful sleep, after the troubling day that you had.
You haven’t even heard the great thing about Mattress Box yet. With its readymade mattress service, Mattress Box also gives you the freedom to customize your own mattress, according to your own unique preference and style. Mattress Box has an option Make Your Own Mattress in their website that will allow you to choose your own personalized mattress. This incredible and one-of-a-kind feature of Mattress Box has made it a popular mattress buying destination among the customers.
Mattress Box offers competitive prices for its customized Make Your Own Mattresses and they come a lot cheaper than the retail store prices. So, it’s a win-win situation – you get your customized mattress, just as you have been hoping for, and you get that under budget; that too without breaking a sweat.

How To Make Your Own Mattress At The Mattress Box Online Store?

You can make your own mattress in 5 easy and simple steps. We value customer satisfaction more than anything, so we have left no stone unturned to give you a swift and an easy process that will let you to get your mattress customized. The best thing about getting your mattress customized through Mattress Box is that you get a tailor made mattress without going into the trouble of actually making it.
The steps that you will have to follow to get your mattress customized are:
Step 1
Before you visit the online store of Mattress Box, gather a measuring tape and measure your bed or cot thoroughly. Make sure that you measure the inside of the bed or the cot. Note the measurements down. This is very important as a slight deter in the measurement will make your mattress unfit for the bed.
Not sure how to measure your mattress? Afraid not, you can get all the information here.
Visit Make Your Own Mattress page in Mattress Box to get your customized mattress. Provide the information needed and you are a step closer to your own customized mattress.
The first details that you will have to give are the dimensions. You have the liberty to choose from some pre-existing dimensions like, 72*30, 72*36, 78*36, etc. You can also choose from various bed types like single, double, king, queen and super king. However, if you wish to have a fully customized mattress, then use the measurements that you had taken and insert them there, so that Mattress Box can enumerate the dimension of the mattress you will need. Mattress Box allows its customers to enter any figures between 48″ to 84″ in length and 24″ to 84″ in breadth. So, you have a wide window, make sure to utilize that.
Step 2
Once you have entered the measurements you will be asked to choose the firmness of the support layer. The support layer refers to the bottom layer of the mattress, whose primary function is to support the body weight. This layer should be selected in such a way that it doesn’t sink down too much by the pressure incurred by the body. So, the support layer will depend on the body weight of the person using the mattress. The rule goes like this – more the body weight of a person, more should be the firmness of the layer. The firmness of this support layer will have an overall effect on the firmness of your mattress, so choose it accordingly. A good support layer will provide firm support to your spinal cord.
You will face three choices of firmness, ‘hard’, ‘medium’ and ‘soft’. The ‘hard’ layer uses a kind of foam that will provide a strong and firm back support. These foams are highly durable and retain their firmness throughout. This foam comes recommended for people suffering from back pain and those who are heavily built.
The ‘medium’ layer is the most commonly used support layer. This foam used, will provide you the needed back support in a comfortable manner. It’s neither too hard to sleep on nor too soft that it gets uncomfortable for you to move on. These foams are quite strong and are recommended for people with an average body weight. The foams are light weighted and hence, they are easy to handle.
The ‘soft’ support layer is made of eco-friendly foams which comprises of several pincores. These foams are made up of latex for an optimum support. It is no doubt that latex is exceptionally durable; hence these foams will give you a lifelong service. The ‘soft’ foams are recommended for any body weight.
Once you have fixed on the firmness of the support layer, you will have to decide the thickness of the layer. Remember, the more the thickness of the support layer, the firmer your mattress will be. You can choose the thickness of the support layer from the options available. Mattress Box provides its customers with thicknesses of 3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″.
Step 3
Now that you have decided on the support layer, you will have to get your mind on the comfort layer, which lies above the support layer. The comfort layer is the topmost layer of the mattress. If the support layer provides support, then comfort layer provides comfort. It is designed to provide the overall comfort to your body while sleeping. It is designed to cushion your body in such a way that your body is able to relieve any stress and tension, making your sleep a relaxing experience. This comfort layer will denote the cushion-effect factor of the mattress if used over an appropriate support layer.
Similar to the support layer, you will be given three choices for comfort layer as well. The choices are – ‘soft’, ‘softer’, and ‘softest’. The material used for the ‘soft’ layer is mainly comprised of latex. Latex is used in comfort layer because it perfectly adjusts to the contours of your body, even when you toss and turn around on your bed. Latex is also good for your body as it provides superior pressure-relieving support to your tired and stresses out body. Apart from this latex is highly durable.
The soft foam used in ‘softer’ comfort layer allows the mattress compress and decompress without any difficulty. This ‘softer’ layer is designed to provide the best comfort to your body.
Memory foam or Visco elastic foam that is used to make the ‘softest’ comfort layer is perhaps the most advanced foam technology used to provide you the best comfort. This specially designed foam may seem solid and firm at first, but it gradually melts and softens sensing your body heat. This is the most superior quality of foam you will get in the market and it ranks highest in its comfortable level.
Once you are done selecting the softness of the comfort layer, you fix on its thickness. Mattress Box provides three thickness types – 1″, 2″ and 3″. Again, the thicker is the comfort layer, the softer is the mattress.
Step 4
Now that you have finished choosing everything that will go inside the mattress, focus your time on choosing what will go outside. The fabric that will cover your mattress is as important as the materials that have gone inside. The fabric offers a soft and welcoming surface to your mattress making it irresistible for you to sleep on. Mattress Box provides its customers with a variety of certified fabrics to choose from.
You can either choose from plain fabrics or designed ones. The plain premium mattress fabrics are available at 250 gsm. You can get them in three colors, beige, green and grey. These fabrics are elegant and nice and soft at touch. You will have such a good feeling lying on them. The materials used to create the fabrics are certified by ‘Oeko-Tex (registered) standard-100’. Thus, it has been tested for the presence of any harmful substance. These materials are completely safe for babies to sleep on and are flame retardant. These fabrics also come with an anti-dustmite finish.
If you are planning to move away from the plain fabric styles, you can always choose from the patterned fabrics available at the Mattress Box. The luxurious and premium patterned fabrics are available at 440 gsm. You can get these patterned fabrics in three major colors and designs. The designs are exquisite that gives you a rich and comfortable surface to sleep on. Similar to the plain fabrics, these fabrics are also certified by ‘Oeko-Tex (registered) standard-100’, making it safe for babies and is flame retardant.
Step 5
Selecting your fabric was the end of your mattress making journey. Now you will be given the price of the mattress based on the materials that you have chosen for your customized mattress. The prices will be affected by the quality of the materials and the dimensions that you have provided. The prices at Mattress Box are around 20% – 30% lower, compared to the market retail. Mattress box will provide a sample look of the mattress that you will be ordering. If you are happy with it, add the product in your cart and advance to payment. Mattress Box accepts all leading credit and debit cards. There is no shipping cost for the product that you will buy.
Once you have placed your order, you can expect to get your mattress delivered within 5 to 6 working days. If you have any issues with the mattress that you have purchased, you can easily return it the Mattress Box by contacting their customer care service.
The biggest advantage, perhaps, that comes with building your own mattress is that it is easy on the pocket. You are in need of a mattress, however, for some reason, you can’t afford one; so should that be a reason for you to sleep on the old ragged mattress or the hard floor? No. With this helpful guide of the process provided above, it is in no time that you will be sleeping a peaceful sleep on your own tailored mattress.


A mattress discovered by NASA? Say hello to Memory Foam Mattress!

Memory foam mattresses are the talk of the town (well at least in mattress world). We all are well aware of foam, coir and cotton mattresses, but what exactly is this memory foam?

Well, the memory foam technically comprises a visco-elastic temperature-sensitive material, and was originally developed by NASA for their space missions. Impressive isn’t it? However, this foam is relatively a new introduction into the elite world of luxury mattresses.

The memory foam is synthetic and contains visco-elastic foam that gently and luxuriously moulds to the curves of your body, allowing you to literally sink into its fineness. The foam gets its name ‘memory foam’ owing to the fact that it can hold on to your body impression for some time before it bounces back to its original shape and hence it seems to ‘remember’ your body shape even after you get up thus the name ‘memory’ foam.


How buying a mattress online saves you money, time and energy?

In today’s world, almost everything that you want to buy is available online. Even mattresses! But not many people actually venture into buying mattresses online, as they are sceptical about it. Instead they prefer physically seeing and feeling the mattress before buying it. It’s just not one of those things you pull off the shelves online. Shoppers are actually willing to spend more money, time and energy in this tedious mattress-buying process, than effortlessly buying it online.

It’s important to recollect that when ecommerce and online shopping commenced few years ago, people were sceptical in a similar manner about buying any products online. But once they realised the myriad of benefits that accompanied it – the trend picked up! Same applies to mattresses, once the benefits are realised and the sceptical sense is set aside – the trend should pick up!


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