Mattress box is one of the leading mattress brands in Chennai., Mattress box is the only company that helps customers to customize their mattress according to their needs. We provide the best services to the customers in choosing support layers and comfort layers, whether it is hard coir and a soft layer or Medium Latex and softest form, we let the users choose what suits them the best.

Here is a quick overview of customizing your own mattress. It all starts with Support layers.

Support layer

Support layers are the layers that provide support to the mattress and make up the core of the mattress comfort quilting layer. The support layers are extremely important in providing sleepers with the right amount of support for the body. The support layer is responsible for how much the sleeper body sinks in the mattress, here are some of the support layers we provide

  • Hard-coir
  • Medium-foam
  • Medium-latex
  • Soft-spring

Select Thickness (Thickness of the support layers will help you to have a delightful sleep all night)

  • 3
  • 4
  • 6

Once you select your support layers you now move on to the next section of Layer.

Comfort layer

Comfort layers are the top layers of the mattress, the sleeper can experience their bed with the help of the comfort layer. Comfort layers are made up of softer, close-conforming materials that cradle the body and redistribute pressure, while firmer options limit sinkage to promote proper spinal alignment. Comfort layers help the body in cushioning, pressure relief, motion isolation, cooling. Below are the types of comfort layers we provide to our customers.

  • Soft-latex
  • Softer-foam
  • Softest-foam

Select thickness

  • 2
  • 3

Fabric Quality

Mattress box provides premium quality fabrics with 250 GSM, with two different colour combinations White/ Grew and White/ Green this premium fabric provides a nice, soft, and welcoming surface to sleep on.

Mattress Box is a place where the customers can share their needs and problems and of sleep and customize the best mattress according to their needs. Mattress Box spent most of its time understanding customers’ needs, mattress box is also known as a customer-centric brand. Want to buy your customized mattress? Don’t spend your days longer and waste your time selecting the mattress. We make it much easier on the go, and we support you online across India. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us on WhatsApp now. Let us help you customize your own mattress Today.