You have got a new bed and you expect it ease you off from any discomfort you had earlier during sleep. Your mattress is definitely important; it’s your sleeping style or sleeping position that is equally important to ensure you a good night sleep.

Everyone has a preferred sleeping style. This is how naturally your body is positioned on the bed to get the maximum comfort. You should know the different styles and their attributes; so you may like to reposition yourself on the new mattress for a most satisfying sleep. It is not possible to recommend the ideal sleeping position; you have to discover your best sleep style yourself.

​On Your Back

Sleeping on your back is good for your overall posture. Your head, neck, and back are aligned properly. In fact, in this style, if you sleep with your arms on the sides, it gives your body the optimal position. Your body weight is spread over the maximum surface of the mattress. Your mattress should neither be too firm nor extremely soft. This also keeps your diaphragm open for normal breathing.

However, the gravitational pull on your body is also maximum on the lower back which becomes curved. The attached muscles are stressed and after some time, you automatically turn to take a new position for relief.

A little variation gives you a starfish sleeping style. Here you sleep on your back and your hands are stretched upwards outwardly. They say it delays wrinkles on your face.

Amongst best mattress brands in India, There are a very few who offer breathable  Memory Foam mattress or a Latex mattress

A medium firm mattress is best suited for ‘back sleepers’.

​On Your Stomach

This is perhaps the most popular sleeping style. However, this does not support the natural “S” curvature of your spine. In this style, your body is not sunken in the mattress but actually, it lies floating on it. As the lower back does not get support, you may have back pain and also a neck crick because your head remains twisted for a long time. A soft mattress, such as a spring mattress, should definitely be avoided. Your diaphragm is also under constant pressure and restricts breathing.

Stomach sleeping can put pressure on nerves and cause numbness.

Swimmer’s position is a little variation this style where one of your legs is drawn upwards. This relieves the pressure on your diaphragm and also reduces twist on your neck.

A comparatively firm mattress gives you the most comfortable sleep in Tommy sleeper style.

​On The Sides

When you sleep on your sides, your spine is in its natural curve and your hands are down. There is minimum stress on your body, however, there is no spine support and the total burden is taken on your shoulders, arms, and hips which are under constant pressure. Because of reduction in blood flow in these areas, you may get burning sensations in those body parts in the morning.

  • You will need a softer mattress to feel comfortable in Side sleeper style.
  • The following are the best mattress for Side Sleepers-
  • It is extremely important that the mattress conform to the body contour, which is provided by Memory Foam mattresses.
  • Open-cell memory foam and latex mattresses provide good airflow and are therefore good choices.
  • Do not choose a hard mattress, such as a Coir or Bonnel Spring mattress.

Whichever position you sleep in, you are bound to change it sub-consciously according to your body comforts. Your body is trained in itself to sleep in a particular position. However, in case you have had uncomfortable sleep, you can discover on your new bed your best sleep style now.