Aura Memory Foam Queen Mattress

Want to know how laying down on a soft, airy marshmallow feels? It feels like Aura. A snooze on Aura, a memory foam and latex mattress feels like a snooze on cloud nine.

Ideal for : Side Sleepers

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Is the memory foam mattress advisable for back pain?

Memory foam takes the shape of your body and hence provides uncompromising comfort to each and every part of your body and thereby helps in relieving back pain. But it is important to note that the depth of memory foam should ideally be around 1” to 2” thickness on top of a firm support layer. Anything more than that would make the mattress too soft and might not help with acute back pains.

How do I customise my mattress?

Yes, you can and easily! You can customise your mattress by first selecting the Support layer that lies at the base (bottom part) of your mattress, this part is the one that provides support to your body and you can choose from hard, medium or soft and the thickness in inches that you want for this particular layer. 

Secondly, you can choose a Comfort layer, which will be the top part of your mattress and will give you comfort (plushness). You can select from Soft, Softer or Softest in this layer. Then choose from the standard dimension of your mattress in inches or give us your own dimensions (if not found in standard).  

Finally, you may choose which fabric you want for your mattress and voila your mattress is done! Just add the finished product to the cart and complete the purchase or continue shopping. There is more in store!


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