Royale Latex Single Mattress

We believe sleep should be an experience of extravagance with this Latex mattress. Imagine ending every long, tiring day in a spa. Prepare to indulge yourself in the world of Royale mattress – where luxury becomes lifestyle and opulence defines dreams.

Ideal For: Back Sleepers

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I don’t know which mattress to buy?

Each and every person’s needs are different based on his/her body type. In case you are confused about which mattress to buy, try our personalised mattress option. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us by email, calls or chat and we would be happy to help you.

What should be the thickness of my mattress?

The thickness of the mattress primarily depends on two things. First, your comfort requirements – if you want a soft mattress then as you increase the thickness of the Comfort layer or soft layer, the softer the mattress will be.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a firm mattress, then as you increase the thickness of the Support layer, the firmness of the mattress increases. 

Another factor involves the height of your bed/cot. In the event that your cot is low bedded, go for a mattress with higher thickness, such that when you sit on the bed your legs should ideally make a 90-degree angle.

How can I buy a mattress without actually feeling it?

Yes, we do understand your need to feel and try the mattress and thereby we give our customers a 60 days’ try-out. For a span of 60 days, you may happily sleep on it and use it like your very own. The 60 nights will provide you with a wholesome and better idea about the mattress than the 5-10 minutes you spend in the store.


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